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Vocational training

We make every effort to the system improvement of the vocational training level and higher education of personnel of transport and logistics organizations.

Speaking of the vocational training of personnel and of the activities of the Association "UKRVNESHTRANS", we are constantly wondering about next questions. What our goal is? What we believe in? Why do we exist?

And again and again we find the answer - no matter what we do, we believe that we challenge the status quo.

We believe that it is possible to think differently, to act differently. We challenge the status quo in the area of vocational training through provision of excellent theoretical knowledge and unique skills, involvement of the country's best trainers-practitioners.

It so happened - we offer the most innovative courses and training for people who believe in the same we believe in.

We carry out polls among market participants constantly in order to find out how important people's education is for them.

We are pleased to find out that hundred per cent of the respondents consider as important:

  • their general education;
  • their professional education;
  • regular improving their vocational training.

Therefore, we continually strive to enhance the level of training and education of personnel and we recommend you to send personnel to undergo training regularly.

All you need to do to register for offered courses - is to contact AO «PLASKE» in Odesa.

We pay particular attention to the vocational training courses in accordance with the minimum standards of FIATA*:

  1. «Vocational Training for International Freight Forwarders (FIATA diploma)»;
  2. «Supply Chain Management (FIATA Higher Diploma)».

Courses are conducted in Odessa and Kiev.

Please do not miss this unique opportunity:

  1. Dedicate yourself to one of the most rapidly developing and innovative professions - the profession of international freight forwarder.
  2. Get excellent theoretical knowledge and unique practical skills in the field of international freight forwarding and supply chain management in accordance with the minimum standards of FIATA from the best coaches - practicing professionals - specially trained as coaches, in accordance with the standard FIATA «Train-the-Trainer».
  3. Confirm your professionalism in the field of international freight forwarding and supply chain management by international diplomas ** FIATA, which:
  • are published in Zurich, Switzerland in English;
  • are recognized by transport and logistics organizations in more than one hundred and fifty countries around the world that opens up new opportunities for employment in international transport and logistics organizations.

FIATA Diploma Program (FIATA / UKRVNESTRANS Diploma Program "Professional Training of International Freight Forwarders")

FIATA Dipolumn Registry (FIATA / UKRNCS "Supply Chain Management" (SCM)

* International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) was founded in Vienna (Austria) on May 31, 1926 and is the largest and most influential nongovernmental organization in the field of transportation and logistics.

** Number of diploma and diploma personal data are recorded in a special register on the FIATA website.

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