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XVI International Freight Forwarder Day

16 May

XVI International Freight Forwarder Day
an annual forum for professionals in the field of transport, freight forwarding and logistics

"Marlin" Business Hotel,
2d floor 13 Polskiy spusk, Odessa, Ukraine

This annual forum of experts in the field of transport, freight forwarding and logistics, where the key market players define the trends, share their experiences to achieve new goals. This is a platform for professional business dialogue and development of new projects in transport and logistic industry.

The following highly-regarded persons in the Freight Forwarder's Day as speakers:

- Daniel Jacques - Representative of EU Support Group for Ukraine at the European Commission;

- Mario Apostolov - UNECE Trade Regional Adviser;

- Francesco Dionori - Chief Transport Networks & LogisticsSection - UNECE;

- Richard Morton - Secretary General, IPCSA;

- Francesco S. Parisi - FIATA Treasurer.

Presentations and reports topics:
- Development of digital infrastructure: modern systems of traffic management, innovative models of open supply chains management and international transport corridors;
- Business-models for joint usage of regional logistic platforms and resources;
- Transport connection of the Baltic-Black-Caspian seas region with the third countries in the face of traffic flows development in this region;
- Trade facilitation: implementation of WTO Agreement provisions on trade facilitation, data harmonization.

Participation fee for the main program of the XVI Freight Forwarder’s Day 2018:


Participation fee

Special fee for representatives delegated by organizations-members of “UKRZOVNISHTRANS” Association (UAH)


Total cost:


3 600,00

3 240,00

For more information, see the official website www.ittw.in.ua