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Prevent the abolition of the use of the port community information system (hereinafter - ISPS)

30 March

The draft act on the introduction of the Single Window mechanism and the abolition of the use of the port community information system (hereinafter - ISPS) has been posted on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine for electronic voting.

Since 2012, the Port Community Information System (ISPS) project has been implemented thanks to the desire of all of us to make our work more transparent, simpler and more efficient, to make officials responsible for their actions. All these years, government officials, bandits and fraudsters, who call themselves “fighters for justice”, replacing each other, always tried to interfere with the growth and establishment of the project - someone just tried to shut it down, someone tried to squeeze themselves, the reformers of the “new formation” ”Are aimed at“ dribbling ”of budget funds in order to build once again what has already been built, but for state money.

Despite the lack of support from the state, the port community project took place and showed its effectiveness - last year alone, the economic effect amounted to (savings for the business of 126 or more million US dollars, including savings from ship downtime, port trips, commission fees, etc. .).

Now there is a "new" initiative to destroy ISPS, and during the period of national quarantine, when crowds at any place and at any time are a risk of infection. Only those who reckon their own commercial interests above everything else are happy about this.

 The project provides for a return to the paper form for the submission of documents, especially in today's conditions.

Under the guise of “free cheese”, it is actually proposed to return to the “live” lines to the employees of regulatory bodies with paper documents and the same money. In fact, there is no “single window for international trade” in the state when it will be created and for what means - the question.

 We appeal to all unbiased port community members to support our project and vote AGAINST returning to queues in the corridors of government bodies and endless trips through cities and ports, bribes and fees from forwarders and carriers.

Link for voting: