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IІ Forum on Customs Law and International Trade of the Ukrainian Bar Association

17 February

Ukrainian Bar Association invites you to participate in ІI Forum on Customs Law and International Trade!

Date: 13 March 2020

Venue: LIFT99, 101 Volodymyrska Street, Kyiv.

What will we talk about?

Passing customs control sometimes resembles a lottery; therefore, it is always worth keeping up with the latest industry trends and litigation. During the forum, the leading experts will talk about the latest trends and share practical life hacks, and answer the most important questions.

Key experts from the industry, representatives of regulatory authorities, the judiciary and specialized government agencies are invited as participants and speakers.

In Focus:

  • #Newcustoms. New structure and new responsibility
  • Which are the key points and what is their role in the customs clearance scenario?
  • What are the logistical subtleties to be aware of and what are the nuances you might encounter during customs clearance?
  • Legal conflicts and case law: an overview of case studies
  • Smuggling: A witch hunt?
  • Trust but check: features of customs post-audit
  • Violation of customs rules - ways to avoid and understanding the consequences.
  • The practice of the Supreme Court and the ECtHR in customs disputes.

For the detailed event program please follow the link: https://uba.ua/ukr/events/3511/

Registration: https://uba.ua/ukr/events/3511/registration/

For more information about the event please contact the UBA Secretariat at tel: +380 (44) 492-88-48, e-mail: forum@uba.ua. Contact person – Viktoriia Dotsenko.