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Association management

The General Meeting of the Association Participants

The General Meeting of the Association members is the supreme management body of Association.

President of the Association

Oleg Platonov

Oleg Platonov



Provides general management of work of the Association.

Name of Counsellor of the Association Area of ​​responsibility Email
1 2 3 4
1 Gorenko Alexander secretariat@atfl.org.ua
2 Platonov Оleg support relations with international organizations, bodies of state administration and coordination activities of Association members on issues of customs procedures organization oleg@platonov.od.ua
3 Filipenko Vitaly secretariat@atfl.org.ua
4 Strelnikov Nikolay secretariat@atfl.org.ua
5 Bahariev Alexander secretariat@atfl.org.ua

Secretariat of the Association

The secretariat of the Association organizes the work aimed at the implementation of statutory tasks of the Association.

General Director of the Association

Svetlana Naidenko

Svetlana Naidenko