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About the Association

ASSOCIATION "UKRVNESHTRANS". Since 1992 at the service of society.

Speaking of the activities of the Association "UKRVNESHTRANS", we are constantly wondering about what our goal is, what we believe in, why do we exist?

And we again and again find the answer - no matter what we do, we believe that we challenge the status quo.

We believe that it is possible to think differently, to act differently.

We defy the current situation in the field of transport and logistics through implementation of innovations, integration of participants of the international supply chain into a single national transport and logistics system, the practical application of documents and forms of FIATA.

We pay close attention to the system improvement of the vocational training level and higher education of personnel of transport and logistics companies, because we believe that the professional competence - is the foundation and guarantee of the security of the international supply chain.

We strive to unite business and scientific communities.

We bring together the scientific community and business, because we want jointly develop the the best theoretical and practical solutions to change the status quo in the field of transport and logistics.

We believe that together we can maximize the use of our most valuable asset for the success - Us, people who trust each other, striving to work, to learn and develop.

That is why our doors are always hospitably wide open to all stakeholders of the international supply chain.

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